Making the world sweet one recipe at a time!

Kaitlin About ImageIf you love to cook, bake, or eat yummy food you are definitely in the right place! I am Kaitlin Jones, the creator of Make the World Sweet. I can’t take all the credit though, my husband Tim is my go-to tech guy and taste tester. For a long time (I am talking like YEARS) I have wanted to start this blog because I love to cook and bake. I wanted an avenue to share that love. However, because of one thing or another I never started my blog. Well, that all changed after I did a cooking segment for the talk show Good Things Utah. This experience gave me the extra spark to start my blog because I had such a fun time sharing my love for creating great treats. It has been fantastic starting Make the World Sweet because now all my yummy ideas that have been building in the back of my mind finally have a place to go! Woohoo, I get to share them with you! My recipes and crafts are all developed through trial and error. When I really hit the jackpot and come up with great inspiration that is what I will share with you. I am a wife and work full time so my recipes are easy to make and won’t take a billion hours to complete because let’s face it, time is precious.

My love of baking started when I was around 3 years old, I would pretend to make a cake while playing with measuring cups in the bath tub. My love of cooking however didn’t start until I got married and cooking became my life. I was surprised at the joy I had when I made something that my husband really enjoyed, it is such a satisfying feeling. I want to share that satisfying feeling with you, so that you too can create mouth-watering food. Make the world sweet by starting in your own home. So follow me on instagram, pinterest, you tube and facebook so that we can make the world sweeter together!

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