Apple Pie Roses with Puff Pastry

You may have seen these Apple Pie Roses before.  They are so beautiful.  So it is no surprise that they are all over social media.  I decided I had to give them a try.  However, I couldn’t just make the same recipe everyone is using.  I based the general steps of my recipe off of pepperidge farms recipe found here.  Then I transformed it.  I set out to add more fall flavor.  Add a creamy decadent filling.  Basically make these Apple Pie Pastries the perfect dessert to find solace in as fall is approaching.

Mission accomplished! As I write this post I have eaten two whole Apple Pie Roses.  They are such a tasty comforting dessert when it is stormy outside(it is currently grey and rainy at my house). So here are five tips to help you bake up these yummy pastries.  First tip: Let your cream cheese come to room temperature before making the filling.  This way the cream cheese will be easy to blend with the powder sugar and spread onto the dough.  Tip number two:  Use bright red apples.  I don’t love the taste of regular red apples so I use Pink Lady apples.  They still have the bright color but are more tart and flavorful.  Third tip:  After thinly slicing the apples with a mandolin or pairing knife soak them in lemon juice water.  This will prevent your apples from turning brown.  Tip number four:  Thoroughly dry your apples before arranging them on your pastry dough.  The first time I made these I did not dry my apples.  Consequently, it took FOREVER for my pastries to cook.  Tip number five:  after baking your apple roses for ~20 minutes cover your roses with tin foil.  This will prevent the tips of your rose/apple petals from burning while your pastries finish cooking.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my Apple Pie Roses!  I hope you loved them as much as the Good Things Utah crew! For another easy yet beautiful pastry recipe check out my raspberry cream cheese pastries.

Apple Pie Roses

Makes 6 Pastries

4 oz Cream Cheese

½ cup Powder Sugar

¼ tsp Almond Extract

2 tbsp Brown Sugar

1/8 tsp salt

¼ tsp nutmeg

½ tsp cinnamon

1 Puff Pastry Sheet (thawed)

1-2 Red Apples

2 tbsp lemon juice

2 cups water

Mix cream cheese, powder sugar, and almond extract.  In separate bowl combine brown sugar, salt, nutmeg, and cinnamon.  Cut apples in half, core, and thinly slice.  Place apples in bowl of water with lemon juice.  Microwave for 2-3 minutes until slices are bendable but not mushy.  On floured surface roll thawed pastry into 9x12inch rectangle.  Cut dough into 6 9x2inch strips.  Spread cream cheese mixture on pastry slices.  Sprinkle with brown sugar mixture.  Dry apple slices and arrange on dough with skin side above strip.  Fold up the bottom part of dough over apples and roll into pinwheel.  Place apple rose in greased muffin tin.  Bake at 375 degrees for 50-60 minutes until center is cooked.  After 20 minutes of baking cover tin with foil to prevent burning rose tops.  Sprinkle roses with powder sugar and serve warm.

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