Mmmm Mmmm Mummy Cupcakes- Decorating Tutorial

Mummy CupcakesHalloween is such a fun holiday to be creative from coming up with costumes to making sweet treats. I loved creating these mummy cupcakes. It is fun and simple just like my candy corn cupcake. To create this mummy you need delicious cupcakes and buttercream. Here is a tip to make this mummy look good. You’ll want your buttercream to be pure white. To do this be sure whatever flavoring you use is clear. You can find if your flavoring is clear or not right on the package.

All right, now to the decorating. Use a petal tip like Wilton’s 104 in a bag filled with white buttercream. Pipe two horizontal strips with the broad end of the tip up at a 45 degree angle. Make sure these strips are about ¼ inch apart to leave room for your mummy eyes. Next pipe two more diagonal strips at bottom of the cupcake. Continue layering diagonal, horizontal, and vertical strips keeping a rectangle of cupcake visible. One your mummy has enough layers it is time to add the eyes. Use a large round tip like Wilton’s 12 with your white buttercream to pipe two dots in the rectangle of visible cupcake. Then add two black buttercream dots to complete the eyes with a small round tip like Wilton’s 3.

And there you have your mummy! How is that for some festive cake decorating, can’t get more mmm mmm good than this  For more festive Halloween cupcake ideas check out my monster, witch, and ghost cupcakes.

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