One Pot Veggie Ground Beef Stew

One Pot Veggie Ground Beef StewHello everyone! I love making life sweet in various ways including with sweet treats and goodies. I also love being healthy and fit. To have both of these loves (sweets and health) it requires balance. This recipe is a perfect healthy dinner (Whole 30 approved) loaded with veggies and protein so that you can eat a treat later and remain balanced. This One Pot Veggie Ground Beef Stew also makes tons of servings (yay!). This way you can eat the extras as leftovers for lunches or freeze and use this soup for dinner another day. And as if you need another reason why this recipe rocks… well you make it in only one pot!! So your least favorite (putrid) chore of doing dishes suddenly became easier because you only have one pot to wash. Woohoo!!!

To make my One Pot Veggie Ground Beef Stew start by browning your beef over medium heat. I like to add my onions to my beef halfway through the browning because the onions can start to caramelize. Once your beef is browned, drain the excess grease. Tip alert!! Use a tin can (like the one that has your green beans in it for this recipe) and drain the grease into that can. Then let the grease cool (it will harden) and you can store it somewhere in your kitchen. Then each time you need to drain grease you can drain it into that same can. That way you won’t clog your sink or melt your garbage bag when you need to get rid of that pesky grease.   Once your grease is drained add your tomato juice, quartered potatoes, frozen vegetables, drained green beans, carrots, celery, marjoram, salt, and pepper. Stir a couple times to mix the ingredients. Then cover your pot and let your soup cook for about thirty minutes until your vegetables have softened. Once your soup has cooked dish it up and serve warm! Hope this dish makes your life sweeter by allowing some balance in your life!

One Pot Veggie Ground Beef Stew

Makes 10-12 servings

2-3lb ground beef

1 onion (diced)

46 oz tomato juice

8 small red potatoes (quartered)

1 large package frozen mixed vegetables

1 can green beans (drained)

10 baby carrots (halved)

3 celery stalks (sliced)

2 tsp marjoram

1 tsp salt

¼ tsp pepper

Brown beef in large pot over medium heat. Add onions about halfway through browning beef to sauté onions. Drain fat. Add rest of the ingredients to cooked ground beef and cover pot with lid. Cook over medium heat for about 30 minutes until vegetables are soft. Serve warm.


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