White Chocolate Popcorn

Featured White Chocolate PopcornSo in case you need a reminder… Christmas is in less than 3 days. Now you may be like some of the few amazing people that have all their presents wrapped, neighbor gifts delivered, and house cleaned. Or you may have caught a little procrastination bug and have a case of too little time too much to do! Don’t despair if you are in the second group because I have a remedy for that pesky procrastination bug. This fast, simple, delicious recipe will kill two birds with one stone (that doesn’t sound very Christmas-y or nice but you know what I mean). This White Chocolate Popcorn makes the perfect gift for your neighbors and coworkers as well as a perfect treat for your next holiday party. You can make gifts and goodies in less than 30 minutes. Yay! No one will even know that you didn’t have everything planned and done the first week of December. One thing that makes this popcorn recipe so great is that it is light and fresh. The sweet chocolate pairs perfectly with the saltiness of the popcorn. I have had numerous comments (including from people who don’t even like white chocolate) that they take one bite of this popcorn and then proceed to eat the entire bag. You and whoever you share this with will love this white chocolate popcorn recipe, I promise.

To make this white chocolate popcorn you need two ingredients; popcorn and almond bark. Start by popping your popcorn. I like to use the regular butter flavored popcorn for this recipe because it adds that yummy salty flavor. Once your popcorn is popped, scoop 15 cups of popcorn into a large bowl. Then melt your almond bark. Vanilla flavored almond bark is basically white chocolate. The main difference is that almond bark will set up and provide a nice coating on your popcorn that won’t drip off. I like to melt six squares of almond bark so that all my popcorn can be coated but it isn’t drenched. Melt your chocolate by placing it in a microwave safe bowl and microwave for one minute. Then stir and continue to microwave for 15 second increments until fully melted. Pour your melted chocolate over your popcorn. Fold the mixture until all of your popcorn is coated. Make sure to fold your popcorn and not stir it so that you don’t break your popcorn into tiny pieces. Be gentle with it. Dump your popcorn out onto a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. You can let your coated popcorn sit for about an hour or you can put it in the fridge for five minutes and it will set up. Bet you can guess what I do (in case you didn’t guess right… I love shortcuts so I chose the fridge).

To add a fun Christmas touch you can add red and green food coloring to some extra melted almond bark. You could also buy chocolate buttons that are colored red and green at cooking stores and melt those if you’d like. Then place your colored chocolate in a ziplock bag and cut a hole in one corner. Simply drizzle the chocolate on top of your white chocolate popcorn. So easy and so festive. Once your chocolate on your popcorn is set up it is time to break it into smaller pieces. I break mine into 2 x 2 pieces because it makes it fun to eat. Feel free to break it up down to the individual pieces or leave it bigger. Put your white chocolate popcorn in a cute Christmas bag tie a bow around it and your neighbors, coworkers, family whoever you give it to will love it. Hope this makes your world sweeter by saving you some time while coating your taste buds with pure bliss.  For more recipes perfect for Christmas check out my pound cake or nutmeg log cookies.

White Chocolate Popcorn

15 cups popped popcorn

6 squares vanilla flavored almond bark

Optional: red and green food coloring OR red and green colored chocolate buttons

Place popped popcorn in large bowl. Melt almond bark in bowl by microwaving for one minute and stirring. Continue to microwave bark for 15 second increments until smooth. Pour melted almond bark over popcorn. Fold until popcorn if fully coated. Pour onto covered baking sheet and let sit until chocolate coating is hard.

Optional: Melt more almond bark and add red and green food coloring or melt colored chocolate buttons. Pour melted chocolate into ziplock bag and cut off corner. Drizzle colored chocolate over white popcorn. Let set up. Taste test and then hurry and bag your popcorn so that you don’t eat it all. Enjoy!

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