Halloween Cupcakes Ready for a Witch’s Night Out

Witches Hat Halloween CupcakesSO I am thrilled about these Halloween cupcakes and let me tell you why.   A couple months ago my husband and I were doing our grocery shopping. For the record, I love when my husband comes with me because he always finds really good treats to put in our cart. This particular Saturday my husband found a package of Oreos but these weren’t just any Oreos these were the new Oreo Thins. I mean I love Oreos but I always do the thing where I separate the cookies, eat the frosting and then I have the two cookies that I have no idea what to do with. Well these Oreo thins have the PERFECT proportions seriously good job Oreo engineers you have hit the jackpot with this idea. An extra perk too is you can eat like 12 Oreo thins for the same amount of calories as 2 regular Oreos talk about WIN WIN!! Alright back to why I am thrilled about this witch cupcake because I created it with these magnificent fantastic creations called Oreo Thins.

All you need is your cupcakes, (Amazing) Oreo thins, batch of buttercream, large star tip (i.e. Wilton’s 1M), and small star tip (i.e. Wilton’s 16). First let’s make our witch’s hat. Take one Oreo Thin, this will be the base of your hat. Then use your large star tip with a bag filled with brown buttercream, pipe the point of the witch’s hat by starting in the center of the Oreo and squeezing while pulling the tip upward. Now, you need to add the finishing touch to the witch’s hat, the ribbon. Use your small star tip with orange buttercream and pipe around the rim of the witch’s hat to make a complete circle and Abra Cadabra your witch’s hat is complete. Now to make the witch’s hair use a large star tip in a bag filled with orange buttercream. Start at the edge of your cupcake and pipe a swirl into the middle. Place your hat on your witch’s hair, I like to place it a little off center to make it fun.   Now look at that your witch cupcake is perfect and ready to go and you didn’t even need to cast a spell to make this cupcake!

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